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Behind the mustache in Movember: Antibiotic painting is a pound of prevention

Today we’re highlighting the story of Chirpriya B. Dhabuwala who’s giving men back what they lost due to prostate cancer. Although the subject may be difficult for some to talk about or read, it’s very important that the information get out there.

The prognoses for victims of prostate cancer are as varied as the number of men affected by the disease. Since it is a relatively slow growing cancer, the prognosis for a return to health is strong in a healthy man. But even with a positive prognosis, the side effects of treatment typically include a lack of sexual function or the leakage of urine.

Fortunately, most men have treatment options for these side effects. Because of doctors like Dr. Chirpriya B. Dhabuwala at the Harper Hospital in Detroit, these treatments are safer than ever.

“As a doctor, you think you are doing the right thing and then a patient gets an infection. It leaves the patient worse off than he was before. It’s very frustrating,” noted Dr. Dhabuwala.

That is why Dr. Dhabuwala has dedicated the last several years to fighting post-operative infection for prostate cancer patients. His research has been conducted here in the city, and he is set to publish the results of his work this December.

For many men with erectile problems after surgery, a common option is a penile pump that allows a man to resume a relatively normal sex life. However, this pump is also the cause of many infections. Dr. Dhabuwala’s research has been on two things: finding out how the infection gets on the implant and discovering what antibiotics are most effective at killing the infection when “painted” on the pump. By treating the infections this way, he has reduced the incidents of post-operative infection by 75 percent.

So men with prostate cancer: have no fear. The men of Detroit stand behind you, with innovative research and fundraising mustaches.

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