When Life Gives You Lemons, Make A Movie

When Eric Proulx lost his job in advertising two years ago, he decided to follow the old adage that “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  But his flavor of lemonade is a little different than normal, and tastes sort of like a filmstrip.

He decided to follow sixteen others who also lost their jobs and used the experience as a way to find their true calling in life. After a successful launch of his movie Lemonade, Proulx, a Boston native, chose to set his sights on the lemonade that can be made by a city reinventing itself.

At the recent 140 Characters Conference in Detroit, Proulx and inchvestment (if that word isn’t in the dictionary, we’re sure it will be soon enough) guru Jerry Paffendorf announced a new way to fund movie production.  Called “Buy A Frame,” the idea lets people by frames of a movie for $1, which makes each second of most movies $24.  The first movie to use this concept will be Lemonade Detroit.

Two days after the men made their announcement, the movie has already attracted 198 investors, otherwise known as producers on Buy A Frame.  These producers (who will get IMDB credit) have funded almost 6,000 frames, giving Proulx a great start on transitioning Lemonade Detroit from a nice concept to great documentary.

Below, you’ll find our interview with Erik as well as the trailer for Lemonade Detroit.

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