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Yoga takes to the.. Air?

Aerial yoga classes at Detroit Flyhouse are less quiet asana and more vaudevillian circus training. Located in the gorgeous FD Lofts in Detroit’s Eastern Market, they offer more than just yoga. Teachers hold classes in aerial silk artistry, trapeze, acrobatics for two, contact juggling, hula hooping, fire performing and more.

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I took my first aerial yoga class on a Saturday morning. Having taken several types of yoga classes, and with years of classical dance training, I didn’t think I would see anything that would catch me too off-guard. What I found, in fact, was the most unique class (yoga, dancing, or otherwise) I’ve ever been to.  Students, even in the beginning class, get a small taste of everything. We immediately paired off and warmed up with partner acrobatics, supporting each other in hand stands.

After that, students were split into small groups that rotated around the studio space. Hanging from the ceiling, the Flyhouse has several silks and trapeze bars, where the supremely helpful and talented instructors (see video below!) guide you through a routine of  around five poses. Even despite the newbee stumbling and awkwardness, it was totally exhilarating to be suspended mid-air.

It turns out that the etiology of the word “vaudeville” comes from the French “voix de ville” or “voice of the city.” Indeed, in this revamped turn-of-the-century circus performing, the Flyhouse aerialists’ dazzling poses are spelling out the new artistic vibrancy emerging in Detroit.

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