UnMarketing’s Unusual Book Tour

When Scott Stratten first looked at Twitter, he thought it was stupid.  On one hand, his company, UnMarketing, had been doing just fine creating viral marketing materials and he did not see how Twitter would help.  On the other, he did not want to be the marketing guy who dismissed the next big thing without giving it a shot.

So he signed up and started tweeting.  Two years, 65,000 followers, and one book deal later, Stratten finds himself on an unusual book tour that’s swinging through Detroit this Tuesday, September 28.

Before receiving his book offer, he saw an author at a book signing sitting alone at a book store with no one around him.  He says that he immediately vowed never to do a typical book tour as soon as he saw that poor author.  His publisher told him not to do a typical book tour.  Authors that he interviewed told him not to do a typical book tour.  So, he’s not doing a typical book tour.

“The great thing about this book tour is that it was booked primarily on Twitter,” Stratten said.

Initially, he was only going to do a twelve city tour.  By working with groups like Social Media Club Detroit, he was able to put together 30 cities.  While he is only on the opening leg, he says it has been an incredible experience heading into the Motor City.

“People are blown away when an author simply talks to them.  They are surprised that I will come out before my talk and just start talking in the crowd.  People really want to learn,” he noted.  “Some of the coolest people I know from Detroit I’ve met at places like South by Southwest (a yearly conference in Austin, Texas).  I realized Detroit’s a caring community.  They’re really intelligent and they give a damn about their city.”

What Stratten will share is a bit of how he built his Twitter and social media influence.  Sure, most people won’t take an entire month and engage people exclusively on Twitter but everyone can in conversation.  With over 75 percent of all his interactions being conversations on Twitter, he practices what he preaches.

“Literally, this is virtual small talk.  Not everything needs to be epic,” he mused.  “I started saying things in 120 characters instead of 140 so it could be retweeted.  I would favorite the tweets that were popular and resend them occasionally.  I’m not olive oil, not all of my tweets are virgin.”

What begins with small talk, however, grows into something much bigger. Scott used Twitter to raise over $30,000 in just one day for a child with muscular dystrophy.

That new way – which is really the old way – of dealing with people, one-to-one interactions, being yourself and caring is part of what is changing how people buy and sell. Important lessons for anyone looking to improve their business, bolster their career, or generally make their life better. Check him out Tuesday to learn more and ask questions in person at the Detroit Public Library. Tickets are $10, and you get a copy of his book, UnMarketing.

Please note, the author of this post, David, is a board member of Social Media Club Detroit.

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