Quicken Loans quickly increases Detroit business population by 1700

What if your town grew by 1,700 people in one week? Well, that’s what happened to the Detroit business community starting today.

For 700 people, today marked the first day at their new address.  Next Monday, another 1,000 people will call the Compuware Building their home (as a note, spread across all 50 states Quicken Loans has nearly 3,000 employees).

They started their first day at their new address with a press conference featuring Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, who assured the employees that Detroit will not let them down.  He noted that Quicken Loans moving employees downtown was vital for the health of the central business district, especially since most of these new employees are young and creative.  With a city proclamation in hand, Mayor Bing declared today as Quicken Loans day in the city of Detroit.

[See Video: Quicken Employees Excited To Be Downtown]

As Quicken Chairman and Founder Dan Gilbert (more on Dan here) addressed the crowd, he joked that Mayor Bing was coming out of retirement to become the starting point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers – but he obviously was not joking about his commitment to the city.  While moving employees downtown fulfills a part of his commitment to the city, it is a vital first step.

“We pledge to fulfill our commitment to the city.  This is an interim step that allows us to begin transforming Detroit into a high-tech hub of business and ingenuity,” he said.

That ingenuity and creativity is a part of Quicken’s identity.  With bright, open office space, a Faygo Icee machines on every floor and a track record of helping entrepreneurs get a solid start, they have designs on maintaining that identity.

For more information, check out the Quicken Loans “What’s the Diff?” Blog as well as their main mortgage lending site.

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