A New Home For Tweetea in the D

We’re about fostering respectful, productive, conversations and action about Detroit. It’s been a part of our mission for awhile – where people actually get together, face to face, and get involved in various ways. As opposed to just talking online, which is great, but getting the physical presence. Seeing our home, seeing the city core of the region.

That’s why we’ve reached out to the local community and are now beginning to host an event called “Tweetea” that also has had locations in various Detroit suburbs for awhile, including Royal Oak and Grosse Pointe. There’s been a downtown/midtown Detroit community, but they’ve been looking for a place with stable Wi-Fi and a regular home, so we’ve decided to open our doors every Tuesday evening to them – and to you.

The discussions at Tweetea are forward-looking. They’re about community. They’re about how technology can help grow and enhance that community (after all, the community generally uses Twitter as it’s unifying tie).  Social media tends to weave into the conversation quite a bit.

They’re also about.. anything (there’s a submission box for the big group – we generally will all have a “guiding” topic and then also may wander off into whatever the local group wants to, as well). And at the end of the day, they’re respectful and productive – not to mention a pattern of being hilarious along the way.

So you’re going to see reminders about Tweetea on our Twitter feed – you can follow the discussion with the #tweetea hashtag on Twitter; and hopefully, some awesome ideas and action happens out of our community. As to the specific host, we’re going to run it under @Detroitunspun, however the duties will be shared amongst us all depending on schedules.

Housekeeping details:

The day of week and time will be the same as it has always been, 7:30pm on Tuesdays.

Our loft is in the ever-growing and improving Eastern Market – We’re going to be at 3434 Russell Street, Loft 210, Detroit, MI 48207.

There will be a sign on the door – we will be glad to buzz you up or come down and let you in. There’s plenty of free parking along the street. We’re going to have some sort of drinks/snacks for you; and if people want to chip in for pizza or something more substantial it’s not like there isn’t the incomparable Supino’s down the street. Also, for pre-Tweetea eats, as many may be want to do, we can highly recommend Sala Thai on the same block as us, and Roma Cafe – excellent eats but they can be a bit more pricey. For fast food fare, a block away is also McDonalds.

We have a kitchen, too, so maybe we should consider some locally grown snacks. What do you think?

We can’t finish this post without thanking Hubert Sawyers III, who has been a champion for Tweetea, Nikki Stephan, iDetroit, and of course all of our neighbors who have supported us.

So welcome, and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

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