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Business Destination: Highland Park Gets 150 New Jobs, Corporate Investment

The city of Highland Park today showed today that they are open for business. With automotive supplier Valeo highlighting their investment in the city, this once-beleaguered city is quickly proving that they are a sound community to invest in.

Citing recent investments in Highland Park by Magna International and Coca-Cola, Mayor Hubert Yopp is clearly excited about the prospects for his 2.9 square mile city.

“Highland Park is looking and on the move,” says Yopp. [See Video]

To Yopp, Highland Park’s location makes it an ideal place to conduct business. He cites proximity to freeways and a workforce hungry for jobs as two reasons his city is poised for growth. Both Governor Jennifer Granholm and Phil Jansen, Chief Engineer for Jeep agree. The Governor cited the experience of the workforce as the “X” factor when competing in the global marketplace. Jansen noted that the location for Valeo’s new facility was ideal given the proximity to Chrysler’s newly refurbished Jefferson East assembly plant.

While today was a celebration of Valeo’s first manufacturing plant in Michigan and the 150 jobs the plant has created, it was also Highland Park’s day in the sun.

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