Deadline Nears For Crowdsourced Collegiate Scholarship Competition

Students — we know there isn’t a single one of you out there reading this that hasn’t waited until last minute on an assignment. What if you had more incentive than a grade? What if you had a chance to make a positive difference in the State of Michigan, and along the way earned a scholarship?

Well, now is your chance. You already know that Michigan’s economy needs some help. Ideas are being proposed from politicians, business organizations, civic leaders, think tanks, and more on how to improve our home state, but nothing seems to be working. So finally, they’re turning to the state’s most valuable asset — you, the college student.

A new initiative called “Motivate Michigan” was launched online with sponsorship and backing from Comerica Bank, the Michigan Economic Development Corp.Meijer stores, and The Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan. Also endorsing this innovative project are Gov. Jennifer Granholm, state Sen. John Pappageorge, Detroit Economic Club president and CEO Beth Chappell and Automation Alley Executive Director Ken Rogers.

If you’ve got an idea on how to improve Michigan’s economy and can sum it up in 500 words or less, enter at by THIS FRIDAY, March 12. You may enter more than one idea, but they need to be separate entries. This is a three-phased contest, and the Top 10 entries will be posted online in April for the public to vote on. You could win up to $40,000 in money for school. Your idea could seriously help improve Michigan.

Entries will be judged on three criteria:

  • innovation and creativity,
  • likelihood and feasibility, and
  • potential impact on the state’s economy

It’s estimated that in the past decade over 150,000 graduates from Michigan colleges and universities have left the state, and the state doesn’t want to lose you. Now is your chance to tell them what will keep you here, and how they can do it.

You’ve got until Friday, March 12, to do so. Go to and submit your idea, in 500 words or less. Five-hundred words. That’s way shorter than a term paper, and you’ve written much longer things on much shorter notice. What are you waiting for? Not only is this a great chance for a scholarship, it’s your chance to be heard and to change the state for the better.

So get motivated and help Motivate Michigan!

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